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Henry's story

My name is Henry and I live in Kalispell, Montana. I am eleven years old. I just started middle school and I am in the 6th grade now. I wasMore...

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Henry's story

My name is Henry and I live in Kalispell, Montana. I am eleven years old. I just started middle school and I am in the 6th grade now. I was back in Minnesota in August to attend Camp Breakaway and for another check up with my team. All my blood work keeps coming back good.

Here is a little about my story.

I found myself on a plane traveling to Minnesota on October 7th, 2021 from Kalispell, MT. I had a very sudden swelling on my neck 5 days earlier. I was getting ready to go play my soccer game on a Saturday morning. I felt fine other than a slight pain in my neck. The next morning it doubled in size and my parents were very worried. I spent most of afternoon at urgent care in Kalispell, MT. They could not figure out why my neck was swollen. I had a CT scan on Monday. Then Wednesday I had surgery for a biopsy. I left the hospital not knowing what was wrong with me. My parents were on the phone a lot that day and I was watching TV recovering from my biopsy. Later that day my parents told me I was really sick and we need to go Children's Minnesota. The doctors there were going to take care of me and make me better. We arrived at the ER and we were met with a smile from the nurse checking us in. She even knew my name! I spent the next 4 months there getting treatment for Burkitt Lymphoma, a non-hodgkins lymphoma. All the nurses and doctors there took care of me and made sure I got my medicine and procedures. There were times I was really sick in the hospital from the treatment, other times I was not. I was hooked up to my cart getting the medicine I needed to get me better. Child life was always checking on me to make sure I had everything I needed to keep me entertained. I learned to play the ukeule from music therapy. I spent my birthday in the hospital and also Christmas. The hospital made these days extra special by social work coordinating a special cake to be made and Santa came with presents. Playing bingo with the Dude was really fun too. The hardest day was leaving after 47 days of being in the hospital. I was happy to be better but most of all I was going to miss my friends from the hospital. 

Now, I am feeling way better. I am back home in Kalispell, Montana. All of the special services provided by the foundation were great. They made the hard time better.











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